Law and Order – 性犯罪特捜班

Law and Order Special Victims Unit

Season 1 第 1 話


Stabler: Well, that’s the dumbest move I’ve ever seen you make.

Benson: She wasn’t going to be of any help.

Stabler: Well, no, not now.

Benson: Not ever! She knew what he was!

Stabler: If she drops a dime on you, you’re out walking the beat. You just verbally harassed the wife of a murder victim.

Benson: She lied to a police officer. If anything, she’s guilty of obstruction.

Stabler: You know, you’re on very thin ice right now.

Benson: How’s that?

Stabler: Cragen’s already worried about your objectivity on this.

Benson: Fine, let him take me off the case.

Stabler: You don’t want to do that.

Benson: What is that supposed to mean?

Stabler: It means you take yourself off this case, you’re taking yourself out of the unit. “We don’t get to pick the vic.” His words, not mine.

Benson: I’m a good cop, Elliot.

Stabler: Yeah, I know.