nothing if not を使ったセリフ

Boston legal Criminal Minds Desperate Housewives アリ―マイラブ 海外ドラマ

nothing if not




アリーマイ・ラブ (Ally McBeal)

Richard: It’s important they come out believing they’ll pay less taxes. (leaving) Less taxes, reduces, not as much, diminished, abated, less, less than, lower… I’m nothing if not redundant. I also repeat myself.


ボストンリーガル (Boston Legal) 

Judge Clark Brown: This is a grave matter. I’d appreciate your sensitivity.

Denny Crane: I am nothing if not sensitive. 


アーミワイフ(Army Wives) 

Michael: And we’ll make this work.

Claudia Joy : Lenore is nothing if not consistent. She already cost you one promotion, Michael. You know she’s gonna use this against you now. 


クリミナルマインド(Criminal Minds) 

Spencer Reid: These tattoos are like books on their skin gives their whole life story.

Josh Cramer: Well, these guys are nothing if not dedicated. 


デスパレートな妻たち(Desperate Housewives)

Zach: Noah’s not gonna give me a dime if he knows it’s for you. He hates your guts.

Paul: Tell him it’s for you. Tell him you want a car. Tell him you’re ready for him to buy your love. Trust me, dying men are nothing if not sentimental.